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Clinical Psychologist on Sydney’s North Shore providing psychological counselling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults experiencing a range of psychological, relational and mental health difficulties. Specialising in perinatal issues, parent child relationships, self esteem, trauma and eating disorders
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Civil Defence Centres

The list of Civil Defence / Evacuation Centres in Hawke’s Bay are  subject to changes based on capacity limits being reached and new locations being established.

Wairoa 4



Hastings Sport Centre, 503 Railway Road, Hastings

Equippers Church, Hastings

St Andrews Hall, Hastings

Waipatu Marae, Hastings


Flaxmere Community Centre, Flaxmere

Ascend Church Flaxmere

Malamalama Centre EFKS, Flaxmere

Cook Island Center, Flaxmere

Te Aranga Marae, Flaxmere



Tamatea College, 61 Freyberg Avenue, Tamatea

Centennial Hall, 127 Vigor Brown Street, Napier South


Central Hawke’s Bay

Centralines Stadium, Waipukurau

CHB Theatre, Waipawa



Wairoa College, Wairoa

Wall Memorial Hall, Wairoa

Presbytarian Hall, Wairoa

·        If you need a place to go rely on family and friends first or go to Centennial Centre, McLean Park, Latham St, Napier.

·        Centennial Centre are no longer accepting donations.

·        If you have pets, they are your responsibility. Take them with you if you need to leave.  Make sure dogs have a lead or muzzle. Remember to bring pet food.

·        People with CPAP machines can go to Wellesley Medical Centre to charge them.  Alternatively they can go to Centennial Hall Civil Defence Centre.

·        You can make enquiries through the HB CDEM Facebook messenger and